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​Access Alarm and Security has the latest cutting edge technology cellular radio technology available.  If you interested in saving money on your fire monitoring bottom line you should call us regarding this cellular radio technology.

As you may know, commercial fire monitoring requires two analog phone lines for the fire panel.  Access Alarm recently acquired the rights to a cellular radio monitoring system.  Once installed, this system will allow you to cancel the analog phone lines going to your fire panel and pay only a small fee each month in lieu of the phone lines.  Most analog phone lines cost $97/month, so year over year, this can represent a significant savings to your company.

This cellular radio monitoring system has been developed for real-time network management, fire, burglary, central station, interactive and building security applications servicing commercial, residential and government markets worldwide.  

The system is extremely fast, infinitely scalable and highly reliable with self-correcting capability and the quickest response time available today in the fire and life safety industry, transmitting critical signals in just 1-3 seconds!  It has been protecting  fire accounts for over  40 years.