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Have You Had The Opportunity to Meet 2GIG?​ 

Cutting Edge Technology

2GIG is great for the business too.  Up to 100 users can be entered into 2GIG offering the option to see who has entered/exited the building and at what time. 2GIG is expandable to 100 zones of protection.  

A notification could be sent at a specified time if the system was not armed. A notification could be sent when the system is armed/disarmed.

Cameras can be installed to monitor various areas of the building and/or the parking lot.  All camera views can be accessed from a computer, phone or iPad 24/7.

Innovation and cutting edge technology have always been at the core of what we do at Access Alarm and Security Systems.  With this in mind, we would like to introduce you to 2GIG.  It is the latest self-contained security and home automation system available today.  2GIG is more than an upgrade to your current alarm system; it is one of the easiest, most intuitive systems you will ever experience.

The panel is a 7” touch screen, so it is easy to see and operate.  2GIG will speak to you and let you know if it is ready to be armed or disarmed, if a specific door or window has been opened/closed, counts down to when the system will arm, etc. It even provides you with the current weather forecast.

You can operate 2GIG from the touch screen panel, your cell phone, iPad or computer.

2GIG will notify you via text if you leave the house and did not set the alarm by a specific time.  You then have the ability to set the alarm from your cell phone, computer, etc.  You will receive text notifications when the kids arm/disarm the system which offers peace of mind if you are a working parent.

2GIG is a wireless system that is expandable with window/door wireless transmitters, wireless motion sensors with a built in camera, wireless remote key FOB, panic button, and many more options.  Home Automation is built into 2GIG allowing you to control lights, thermostat, door locks, garage door opening/closing, etc.

For those of you who already have a wired system, 2GIG can seamlessly interface with your current alarm panel. 

Communication with the central station is wireless, so you will not be required to have a phone line(s) making 2GIG an extremely cost effective option.

A Geo Field can be set up so when a specific cell phone is detected lights can be turned on, thermostat turned down/up, doors unlocked, etc.

Optional cameras can be installed and send snapshots to your phone upon an alarm.  You could also have the ability to look into your home to see if the kids arrive home safely or if elders are up and about.

The system has the amazing ability to be set up with “if” commands.  For example, “if” the motion detector has not been activated for 8 hours, and “if” the front door has not been opened for 12 hours, send a text notification to a specific number.  This is a great option for elderly parents or grandparents so you are made aware when someone has not been moving around the home; perhaps due to a fall.